Blue Water Fishing Products is pleased to offer crappie fishermen everywhere, the ultimate spider rigging system! This system features our all aluminum ball design, that allows you to adjust the height of your rods with the turn of a lever… Simply loosen the lever on the base of the track, rotate your rod tips to the desired position, and tighten! 1-2-3, loosen, move, tighten! That simple! The ball on the base of the tube is the same design, allowing an infinite numbet of angles for you to fish the way you want. Another great feature is the telescoping pole for direct height adjustment on the fly. It is the same principle, 1-2-3, loosen, move, tighten. The track has 9 different mounting positions. (shown here in the middle postion), ranging from one end of the track to the other end. In this way, you add a whole new dimension to what can be achieved. Think of the possibilities with this baby! The ball design and the telescoping tube, allows you to customize your fishing. Sitting, standing, or bring it into your lap. Twist it, turn it, rotate it! Oh, and did we mention this thing is strong? Like all of our Blue Water Fishing Products, we build strength and durability into the design from day one. Even the track mount plates are designed extra-thick for strength, so that you can get the appropriate amount of threads from your rod holder, threaded into the plate

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This unit comes with 24” of our track, 4 track mount plates with three tapped holes to mount your favorite rod holder (¼-20, 5/16-18, and 3/8-16 coarse tapped holes). Each track mount plate comes with a knurled knob to allow easy movement in the track, yet hold strong. We even designed it so that when your hands are cold you can still loosen the knobs easily with the help of the cap screw, and pliers or an allen wrench.


$229.99 each (rod holders not included)

Sweet set up w/ Telescoping Electronic Mount. Just imagine the adjustability!

 No plastic here!