Salmon fishermen love our rod holders! Our rod holders feature a slot that enables the rod to be fished horizontally for "dipsy divers." There's no need to lock in the rod holder because, with our system, the rod holder stays firmly in place, allowing for super-quick handling: just pull upward (vertically) instead of having to pull the rod out of a holder in the horizontal position. Catch more fish! Catch bigger fish with ease! This super-strong positioning is ideal for all species of fish, and with its user-friendly features, is perfect for anglers of all ages and strength levels. Keep in mind, all of our products are user-friendly and modular.Simply loosen the lever on the base of the holder, reposition your rod, and re-tighten for accurate on-the-fly adjustments! 1-2-3, loosen, move, tighten! That simple! Remember: we also have planar board lights for night fishing!

We're in the process of updating our website and will soon be integrating our online store. Stay tuned for more information about salmon fishing systems, including detailed images outlining our style-specific products.