Our state-of-the-art rod holder systems are a must have for any fisherman. Built of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel fasteners, our rod holders are a step above the competition with unprecedented adjustability. Available in single, double, triple, or quad units.  Quick and easy maneuvering up to 45 degrees in any direction and up to 90 degrees forward with a simple 3-step operation:  loosen, move, and tighten lever; no tools required. 

• Aircraft aluminium construction.
• Stainless steel fasteners. 
• Anodized for protection.
• Rubber caps for protection of equipment.
• Not 9 positions, not 12 positions, but unlimited rotation up to 45 degrees in any direction and 90 degrees straight out.
• Interchangeable from single to double, double to triple, or triple to quad.  
• In order to meet the needs of your existing rigging, we offer custom machining of mounting brackets for a minimal charge.

When running in the 90 degrees position (parallel to the water), there is no need to tighten the rod holder.  This allows you to extend the rod holder upwards so that you can quickly and easily remove the pole.

As we update our website, you will find answers to all of your technical questions. We value feedback from our customers and are dedicated to making sure that the vital technical information you need is available. Keep in mind that our track systems are of the "common size" variety. This means that our track mount plates and rod holders are compatible with many existing tracks, including Bert's, Traxstech and others.