"After getting my Blue Water Fishing Product track system and rod holders installed on my boat I was really looking forward to putting them in action. Late March was the first trip out on Lake Michigan for the season, and after getting the rods all set I was amazed as to the ease and quickness of adjusting things just right. Running three lines off of big boards and one flat line was a breeze! It didn't take long trolling in close for Steelhead and Browns for us to find a few fish to play with.

The guys at Blue Water Fishing Products have done a great job with the thought process, workmanship and adjustability they put into their systems. I'm very pleased with the way they have preformed on this first trip and look forward to many more successful outings. Anyone looking to outfit a boat should have Blue Water Fishing Products on their list! You will not be disappointed in these Michigan-made track systems!"

Yours Truly
Rick Hoge
AKA Catfishhoge

"I got my chance to test out the Blue water rod holders and the build quality is fantastic! The first great thing I'd like to point out about these rod holders is the versatility. The ability to set the holder in any position is awesome! The second feature I like is the ability to move the lock handle to any position. It really helps getting things out of the way. It also makes it easy for quick adjustments when needed. I'm truly happy with this product and it's going to help me take my fishing to the next level."

Darrell Wood