Attention walleye fishermen! Fine tune your planer board placement with infinitely variable positioning of your rod holder, thanks to the special ball pivot that is a feature of Blue Water rod holders. Less tangles when trolling equals more fish! This unique feature really has all our customers talking, and separates Blue Water products from the competion! Super user-friendly. The bottom line? Our well-designed and thoroughly tested rod holding systems are simple, fast, dependable, and strong. Like all of our systems, the walleye setup features super-strong infinite positioning and is ideal for anglers with exacting preferences. Keep in mind, all of our products are user-friendly and modular. Simply loosen the lever on the base of the holder, reposition your rod, and re-tighten for accurate on-the-fly adjustments! 1-2-3, loosen, move, tighten! That simple! Remember: we also have planar board lights for night fishing!

We're in the process of updating our website and will soon be integrating our online store. Stay tuned for more information about walleye fishing systems, including detailed images outlining our style-specific products.